Psychos In Love (Original Soundtrack) // Signed Copies // For Cat Shelter

by Carmine Capobianco

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Limited copies signed by actress Debi Thibeau (Kate), actor / composer Carmine Capobianco (Joe) and director Gorman Bechard.


Get this rare test pressing AND support the animal cause.
All profit goes to Swiss cat shelter Otis Foundation which rescues cats from the streets, mainly in Egypt.

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WRWTFWW Records is thrilled to announce the release of the long anticipated, always delayed, 30-years-in-the-making PSYCHOS IN LOVE Original Soundtrack (WRWTFWW016), available at last and for the first time ever in a super deluxe low fidelity 7" grape-colored vinyl edition, housed in a DIY no-budget sleeve, and loaded with extras, including words from film director Gorman Bechard, lyrics of the theme song, a promotional postcard with a picture of the cast, a poster of a woman attacked in a bathroom, and the infamous as-seen-in-the-movie "I LOVE MY VCR" bumper sticker!

Filled with sleazy funk, macabre synths, homemade electronic kitsch, anti-grape propaganda, and rewind-worthy dialogue excerpts, Psychos In Love is the ultimate lo-fi horror-romcom soundtrack adventure with a theme song so memorable you’ll find yourself humming it every morning. In Gorman Bechard’s words, "For the Psychos In Love theme I purposefully wrote what I hoped were the worst lyrics of all time, giving them to Carmine Capobianco with one note, ‘use them to write the worst song of all time.’"

The movie Psychos In Love (1987) is a trenchant, laugh-out-loud indictment of slasher films, romantic comedies, and grapes (that’s right, pal, grapes), a true genre-defying post-modern cult classic that will wind its way into your heart as its characters work their way through vats of gore. Packed tight with sly homages to – and parodies of – the work of such cinema legends as Alfred Hitchcock, Woody Allen, Roger Corman, Groucho Marx, and Gerard Damiano, Psychos In Love foreshadows the grand guignol culinary delights of Silence of the Lambs, served up with a healthy portion of wry wit and all-American t&a.


A1 Laugh (Intro)
A2 Debi Thibeault & Carmine Capobianco - Psychos In Love (Theme)
A3 Unstable (Dialogue)
A4 Trailer Music
A5 Bar #1
A6 Making Of #1
A7 Making Of #2

B1 VHS Store (Dialogue)
B2 Photo Gallery #1
B3 Poison
B4 Photo Gallery #2
B5 Bar #2
B6 Wedding
B7 Photo Gallery #3


released February 15, 2018